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Pursuing Elite: The 5 "Gifts" of Elite Achievers

The Decision, Design, and Discipline to become elite in our lives.

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In any endeavor you can only have one outcome. One word describes the end state and sums up the result: bad, average, good, excellent, or elite.

Which word will describe your performance? Your effort? Your life?

In this course, Clint shares:

(1) How his Navy SEAL Mentor helped him understand the difference between "excellent" and "elite" in one brutal, simple, and honest statement in the days following 9/11 after a successful mission.

(2) His experiences on the ball field, battlefield, and boardroom and how they reveal that talent can get you to "excellent" ... but only decisions, design, and discipline can take you to "elite".

(3) How the most talented athletes, business people, military units, and family leaders actually rely more on 5 "Pursuit Points" than giftedness to perform at high levels for long periods of time.

(4) The 5 "Pursuit Points" and how we can use them in our lives to pursue elite outcomes.

(5) 5 "Hot Pursuit" challenges that accelerate us to closing speed on the most important personal and professional goals in our lives.

Your Instructor

Clint Bruce
Clint Bruce

Clint is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a decorated former Navy SEAL Officer, a celebrated football player, and an outflanked and outnumbered daddy who is married to his college sweetheart.

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From Clint:

"I loved being in the Navy. I loved our history, pageantry, purpose, and nobility. I loved the stories of legendary men and women in a long blue line of service to our Nation.

When I lost my father as a young man, the Navy gave me proven truths and an epic tribe to guide, challenge, and inspire me to become the highest version of myself possible.

And I loved (and still love) our sayings ... our language of the sea that brought men and women through storms and dark waters back to our shores and their families.

My favorite saying is "Hold Fast. Stay True." I used to write it on my knuckles before every football game and on every high-risk training evolution and operation in the SEAL Teams. I still do it now when I need to remind myself why I am doing the hard but good things. Because hard things are .... well ... hard.

Why? Let me tell you what "Hold Fast. Stay True" means to me. In the old days, when storms and heavy seas would hit a ship, the men on the ship would yell to each other "Hold Fast! Hold Fast! Hold Fast!"

What they were saying to each other was ... grab the things that will not fail, that last, that are proven ... and hold on. Hold fast to the things that last.

"Stay True" was for the leader. It was a charge to remember where they were going and why they were going there as the wind, water, and waves tried to take command of the ship's direction. It was a reminder to resist the pull of wildness and sure disaster of forgetting the bigger mission. To stay in control, and get to where they had committed to go.

Life is a whole lot like being on a ship at sea. The ocean is big. And mighty. And cares very little for who we are and what we say we want to do. The ocean tests us. It weighs, measures, and tosses us aside if we and our crew are found lacking.

But if we look that things that last - like scripture and the lessons of those who came before us - and we hold fast to them .... we can make it.

And if we remember the reasons we started the hard thing - if we can stay connected to the WHY of it all - and we stay true to that ... we can make it.

Hold Fast. Stay True. Thanks for letting us adventure with you.

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